10H Diamond ceramic clear coating

10H Diamond ceramic clear coat is a new Nano technology that is changing everything... 
Wax and sealants are being replaced by our new ceramic clear coating. 10H Diamond ceramic clear coat is the strongest and most affordable and the easiest ceramic coating product to install on the market today.

​Here are the main Characteristics:

Super Glossy
 our 10H Diamond clear coat will fill the pores in the paint creating a deep mirror like finish.

Super Slick Surface

our 10H ceramic clear coat will make cleaning extremely easy after applied!

UV Protection
Our 10H ceramic coating will protect your car from harmful UV rays there for protecting the cars paint from damaging or fading for years and years.

Our Product

Our 50ml bottle will easily cover and protect a car and small suv.
we recommend 2 bottles for a larger vehicles.

Our 10H Diamond ceramic clear coat is a universal product that protects virtually any type of surface.

The installation is extremely easy and once cured, it creates a transparent top layer that adds gloss and an armour that protects and substrate from all the elements.

10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat
This remarkable wipe on Nano Clear Coating that works on all Paint Surfaces, Glass, Metal, including, Headlamps, Chrome, Bright Work, and Polished surfaces. This ceramic clear coating is designed to work on all exterior hard surfaces with the ultimate shine and protection. The wet look shine is so impressive it’s like a reflective mirror.


QUESTION: What IS 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat? Is it a Car Wax, Polish, or Synthetic Sealant?
ANSWER: 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat is a Silicon Dioxide Resin/Polymer protective clear coating that is designed to replace all traditional Waxes, Polishes and Sealants. 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat is 100% Nano Technology that provides a Durable, Deep “Wet Look” Long Lasting High Gloss Shine.

QUESTION: How long will 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat last on my car?
ANSWER: The average life is up to 2 Years with one application depending on driving conditions and your washing schedule, climate, and extreme driving conditions like Off Road driving.

QUESTION: Is 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat only for exterior auto paint?
ANSWER: 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat can be used on all Automotive, Marine, RV and Aviation Paint Surfaces, Glass, shower doors, Plastic Lights, Chrome, Rims, and many other Hard Surfaces.

QUESTION: Does 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat offer UV Sun and Water Spot protection?
ANSWER: 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat provides superior UV Resistance and long lasting Sun Fade protection along with its outstanding Water Spot, Stain Resistance and Hydrophobic Water Beading Benefits.

QUESTION: What color cars can 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat be applied to?
ANSWER: 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat works on all paint colors including metallic colors like; Black, Red, Blue, Silver and White Paint Surfaces with Insane 3D Mirror Reflection Shine and High Gloss like no other product on the market.

QUESTION: What size bottle of 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat do I need to finish my Small to Mid-Size Car or SUV?
ANSWER: A 50ml Bottle of 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat will finish a Small to Mid-Size Car or SUV. (Follow Application Instructions)

We Distributed WORLDWIDE.

10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat is a DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) Product that has been sold to Thousands of Satisfied Customers.


10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat is designed for use on all Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, RV and Aviation finishes. 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat produces a slick, mirror like shine and fills in light swirl marks. It also produces exceptional water beading, and contains high UV protection to help prevent fading from harsh sun exposure. ​

10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat offers unique nano ceramic resin chemistry to provide superior gloss and bonding to paint, glass, metal, chrome, plastic headlamps and rims. 10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat is so durable it beads 10 X longer than ordinary wax or sealers.

10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat is the perfect choice for a long lasting and Durable Shine.

10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat is designed to perform without streaking, cloudiness or hazy patches to reveal pure perfection to your painted surface.

10H Diamond Ceramic clear coat gives a bright finish that is excellent on any color including; black and red cars which are most likely to develop streaks and smudges. The highly-reflective gloss agents form an ultra-thin protective ceramic coat that bonds to the surfaces leaving the surfaces slick, silky and scratch resistant.